Wellness & Pregnancy

Mental Health, Wellness and Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is an incredibly wonderful time of change for individuals, couples and families!  It can also be an emotional and highly unpredictable time.  Anxiety is just one of the feelings you may experience during pregnancy.  And, due to it’s unpredictable nature, pregnancy often brings a moderate amount of fears and worries which can lend to a heightened sense of stress
pregnantHeightened maternal stress during pregnancy can create a series of chemical changes in the body and brain which affect both the mother and the developing child.  While mild to moderate amounts of stress during pregnancy are natural, it is important to know when you and your baby have had enough.  

Learn how to find a wellness balance that is right for you!  

The time for health and wellbeing is now!

  • Reduce Stress Levels

  • Increase Coping Skills

  • Optimize Relaxation Techniques

  • Create a Wellness Plan

It’s time to find a balance that works for you!